About aarvam-BSAC






For close to 32 years, BSAC has been a positive influence on over one lac children and youth of the neighbouring communities. What has worked for them has been the human urge to be the best one can be, by seizing opportunities to learn, develop and be a contributing member of the society.

BSAC’s multi dimensional facilitating package is best described as AARVAM. It
means the fervent desire to learn, the yearning to be good and to come good.
AARVAM celebrates the human grit and the single-minded devotion to aspirations,

to overcome the odds and succeed, on the wings of education. BSAC stands on its all projects in the name "AarVam"


சமூதாயத்தில் பின்தங்கிய குடிசை வாழ் மற்றும் கிராம குழந்தைகளின் கல்வி, குழந்தைகள் வளர்ச்சி மற்றும் திறன் மேம்பாடு க்களுக்கான செயல்  திட்டங்கள்.