About Us

A Glimpse about BSAC

To elevate the living conditions of the youth and children in Vyasrpadi, and highly inspired by Bro. Sigamani, a salesian priest, a group of young men founded Bro. Siga Animation Centre in 1984. The group focuses on imparting leadership skills, empowering and training youth to be employable and ensure education for children living in the lower strata of the society.


  “BSAC is committed to gather the community people for their self development.  Providing suitable opportunities and making them participate in all activities to bring (build) an empowered society”.


“BSAC is a NGO working toward the empowerment of slum and rural poor. We mainly work with children and their communities. We do this by:

-          providing access to quality (value) education and vocational training,

-          raising awareness on child rights, gender equality, health and education,

-          and providing guidance toward economic development”

 Main Objective:

  • Prevent school drop-outs and improve educational level of children
  • Promote and protect child rights
  • Give access physically and emotionally to quality life.

Main focus:

  • Educational
  • Child Rights
  • Skill building

Our Values :

ü  Honesty and transparency: BSAC is a non-profit organisation, and all the members of BASC are working for the benefit of Vyasarpadi community. All the resources received by BSAC are used for the public good and only for this purpose. Therefore, BSAC strives to be a transparent organization, and knows that its credibility relies on its honesty.

ü  Non discrimination / Equality : BSAC strongly believes that all human beings are equal and is open to all the people of the Vyasarpadi community regardless of the religion belonging, political views or economic situation. BSAC believes that an equal society is possible and strives to promote equal opportunities for all the people of the community.

ü  Child Rights: BSAC is strongly attached to child rights and promote them through its work.

ü  Non violence and Unity: BSAC believes in a united society, and try to promote a non-violent way for achieving the self development of the community. BSAC also promotes unity internally: It is committed to work together, as a united team, where every one’s knowledge, opinions and views are respected.

ü  Community Service toward empowerment: BSAC believes that its work is aiming at the empowerment of the people to create a self sustained community.

ü  Participation: BSAC is working with the people of Vyasarpadi. It promotes the community people participation for its own development and particularly the participation of the children and youth in this process.